About The Artist

Aiy yu kwee (Hello),

My name is Pauli Carroll. I am a Yurok tribal member and a Hupa/Cherokee descendent of the First Nation’s people and artist.  Art has always been part of who I am. However, how I express art has morphed and changed over the years.  
As a child, I made baskets with plants found in my environment because of an inherent ability and a desire to create. This was not part of the curriculum in schools, where the focus was on drawing and painting, neither of which I was comfortable. This was not my medium.
Throughout my life, I found myself more at ease working with tools of all kinds. I enjoy using
them to  create sculptures, jewelry pieces, and other decorative art.
Later in my life, I was introduced to glasswork by my daughter. This was a transformative time in my art. The glass spoke to me – its clarity, depth, color, and texture. I now use many tools and skills to create my works of glass art.
My focus has, and will always come from my traditions and cellular memory. I find creating native designs in glass as way of honoring my history, as well as my future. I use traditional and contemporary  designs in my glass pieces. These are the designs of my tribe and the First Nation’s people. I strive to honor them.
Wok-hlew (Thank you).